Beautiful Cot Quilts

It is a good idea to start off with a cot quilt as they are small and it is easier to learn the techniques of quilting on something small. You can later progress to the larger quilts when you have acquired more experience. It is so easy to follow a theme that has been chosen for the particular nursery. It is always easy to get fabrics that are suitable for this purpose. So shop around until you find exactly what you have in mind.

Start off by designing your quilt to suit the décor of the specific nursery. Take the measurements of the cot and then decide whether you would like to divide the front of the quilt into blocks of various colours or stick to one colour. You can make the front of the quilt in one piece. If you intend doing appliqué work on the quilt you can either arrange your designs on the front of the quilt as you want them, or if you have decided to work with blocks, place a motif on each block. Appliqué all the motifs on the blocks before you start joining them together. It is easier to sew on a small block than a larger piece of fabric.

The completed blocks can be framed with a contrasting colour and then joined together, or they can just be joined together as they are. This is all a matter of personal taste. Remember that your quilt is totally unique and you can make it any way you wish to.

An interesting way of joining your blocks together if you do not intend “framing” them, is to sew a row of stitching along the seams either by hand or by sewing machine. If you have access to a sewing machine that can make fancy stitches this will also look cute.

Another idea is to use braiding along the seams. The sky is the limit so let your imagination go.

Here is an example of a quilt made from blocks of various shades of the same colour. The blocks were first joined together to form the front of the quilt and then the motifs were appliquéd onto them.

If you have made your quilt from blocks, then to finish if off neatly it will look good if you “frame” the whole picture in either a patterned fabric or one in a contrasting colour.

Now you will be ready to finish off your quilt. You might like to use a patterned fabric for the back. Choose a print that suits the theme of the front side. When the quilt is reversed it will still match the theme of the nursery.

It is a good idea to make a pillow case of the same fabric and then it pulls the whole look together.

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