Quilting: Not Just for Grandmas Anymore

If you’ve never understood the fascination people have with quilting fabrics, or thought you had to have gray hair and grandkids to enjoy it, think again.

Designer quilt fabric versus discount store fabric is like comparing filet mignon with ground round. They are essentially from the same element, yet vastly different.
Here are 5 steps to becoming a fabric fanatic.

Read about the designers: In recent years fabric designers have made a name for themselves. It’s no longer the manufacturers who have all the recognition.

Visit a quilt shop: Use google to find one in your area and prepare to be delighted. Typically owned and operated by the 40 and older crowd, these shops have some of the friendliest people working there. They can spot that deer-in-the-headlight look of a newbie fabric fanatic and offer some guidance.

But when looking at fabric, remember it’s OK to touch. Look for something that grabs your attention. Maybe your childhood doll wore a dress that looked exactly like that, or you’ve finally found the pattern for the perfect pillow sham – whatever the reason, it’s yours. It’s OK to oooooo and aaaah.

Buy a fat quarter or a half yard of your favorite fabric: This is a momentous occasion. There’s no turning back. A fat quarter is usually pre-cut and measures 18×22 inches. It is equivalent to a quarter yard of fabric.

Personalize that picture: Assuming you know nothing about fabric, you probably can’t sew yet.

Find a small to medium photo frame with a pre-made mat inside. Take your fabric piece and cut it so it’s an inch larger than the mat.

Place the fabric right side down on a flat surface. Using a glue stick or spray, place glue on right side of mat and adhere it to the fabric piece.

Using a box-cutter, knife or rotary cutter, slice a slit in the fabric that is covering the mat opening. Use scissors to cut an X in the fabric and stop cutting when you reach the corner of the mat.

Trim the flaps to about a half inch and adhere to the back of the frame.

Tip: Choose a fabric that relates to the picture. Makes a thoughtful and inexpensive gift.